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Sunday, September 7, 2014

5 Tips to remove blackheads

Blackhead extractor - " How to remove blackheads ?" That is the question that you ask front of the mirror ... You know it is not good. But you still have a tendency to blow up one or two. Did you know that are more effective techniques? Follow the guide !
If your skin is particularly prone to blackheads, remember that large pores and oily skin will follow you all your life, nothing can change the nature of your skin. The good news is that this type of skin is less affected by wrinkles.
Blackheads can be more or less visible, but the question is not what you see, but of course, you really want to drill them for its disposal. This is the worst thing to do! Unless you want to end up with scars later! Restrain yourself, but try the following recipes.

Exfoliate your skin EVERY WEEK - Blackhead extractor

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            Blackhead extractor

You do not know it yet but your cupboards already contain useful products for scrubbing your skin ... yes, yes. For example, nutmeg is a great exfoliant that makes really soft skin. The lactic acid in milk destroys dead cells, which disappear when you will rinse the face.
And for a more powerful scrub, you can use the whey, even richer in lactic acid. One can also use baking soda and water, or lemon juice and sugar or salt and the cream.

Mix the exfoliating ingredient of your choice with one of the suggested above liquid ingredients until a fine paste. Rinse your face first with water, then apply the scrub home without pressing, using a circular motion. Move over blackheads gently, do not damage your skin by rubbing too hard. Continue the care 3-5 minutes. Rinse. And enjoy a face clear.

Tapping the blackheads with honey Blackhead extractor

To perform this treatment, you need a really tacky honey. On a clean skin, fingertips covered with honey, strongly tap areas where blackheads exists. Honey stick to impurities trapped in the pores, and when you remove your hand, blackheads will come out. In addition, honey has antibacterial and antioxidant, so that any residues remain in the pores does not oxidize soon. Continue the Care 3 minutes, then rinse your face with water.

Eggs for eliminate blackheads Blackhead extractor

Of course, the smell of egg whites is not as pleasant, but a mask of egg whites can be effective to remove blackheads from your face.
On a clean skin, spread the egg white with your fingers or with a brush. Let the first coat dry, then apply it in a second. It may not be necessary to cover the whole face, you can just treat areas where blackheads exists. Just to be sure, and if you still have egg white, so apply a third coat.
Leave on for 15 minutes. You will feel the skin tighten and pull a little: it's a good sign.
Finally, wipe with a soft cloth with warm water and rub gently to remove the mask. Your skin will be soft and smooth.

Use clay to dry out your skin Blackhead extractor

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Use clay to dry out your skin

For this treatment, you need cosmetic clay, available in herbal stores and drugstores, for example, at reasonable prices. You can add essential oil of your choice, or not. This only serves to flavor the mask, not to remove blackheads.
Mix one tablespoon of clay with a tablespoon of water (or cider vinegar, yeah!) And mix well until get a smooth dough. Spread all over the face, or only on the areas where the blackheads. Leave on for 15-20 minutes.
Finally, use a soft cloth with warm water and squeeze and hold the mask, then wipe gently.
Blackhead extractor, blackhead removal, how to remove blackheads, comedone extractor, blackhead removal tool

Use a toothbrush for cleaning blackhead

Use a toothbrush - Blackhead extractor

So really, nothing else works, you have an extreme (the worst solution is to drill blackheads!): Use a toothbrush to clean deep into pores. Of course, this toothbrush is clean and serve only this one carefully. Remember to disinfect after each use. 
Choose a soft brush, and pour a little lemon juice and a drop or two of vegetable oil, jojoba oil, Tamanu or neem, suitable for oily skin. Then gently rub the areas where the blackheads exists. 

You can rinse with water and repeat if desired, provided always go gently in a circular motion. Do not get carried away, and limit yourself to a weekly cleaning. Of course, carefully avoid rubbing a wound, a scratch or cut.