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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Blackhead extractor - breast comedo

Blackhead extractor - First, a blackhead, what is it? Well, a black dot. But beware: you did say black, possibly white, not pink. The distinction is important when it comes to this dinosaur utensils beauty that is the breast comedo. In effect, the lag comedo only works on the blackhead, namely a "mass of sebaceous material vermicular whitish blackish apex in a pilosebaceous follicle usually the face, particularly the nose," as explains TLF.
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breast comedo vintage

It was not only improperly (dare we say) that the breast comedo is so called because in reality, he urged blackheads and pulls absolutely not. How does it work? Very simply, as the video of Dr. Vikram Yadav, specialist videos lag comedo watch.

The aesthetic tool that interested us was first to "cup" as seen in the picture that opens this article. A kind of small holes cut with a handle. But he had a serious flaw: the sebum was gathering in the cup and stopped up the hole puller. It has therefore invented More lag comedo, with different kinds of extractors, flat, round, square, sharp. Some online stores even offer kits with all these options.

The breast comedo has an incomparable advantage over the fingers is that it allows, after cleansing, to remove the blackhead without risking infection. While with the nails, it is almost certain to drop bombs to microbes in the crater of the pore and finish squarely with cysts.

However, it also has its drawbacks: it is that, except for blackheads well-defined nose, it is not always easy to aim for the hole in the blackhead properly. If the spleen is compressed mass of oil while plugging the hole through which he could escape. Massacre, the skin is more yucky the next day. Moreover, experience shows that the use of breast comedo on blackheads that are not perfect (with a small peak in air) disease usually worsens the case rather than suits.

The late 80s who finally got new efficient dermatological acne treatments (before, it worked more or less, but less) and cosmetics that have introduced the practice of intensive exfoliation, the flytrap patch for blackheads and simply hygiene facial boys, the breast comedo was relegated to the museum of history of cosmetics.