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Monday, January 9, 2017

How To Use A Blackhead Remover Tool Effectively

Blackhead extractor - They are small pimples with a black head that can be easily removed if you know how to use a blackhead remover tool. Blackheads do not present red or inflamed areas that surround them, but they are rather... discrete. Apart from a black dot that resembles a point made by a pencil, blackheads don't present other specific traits. They are not painful, but are very anesthetic.

So what makes them black? blackhead removal tool tutorial

In essence, blackheads are pimples, with the sole difference that they present small openings to the skin's surface, unlike pimples. In contact with the oxygen in the air, the substances from the blackhead get a dark, blackish color.

The tool is designed in such a way as to make blackhead removal easier. The tool resembles a pencil with two loops at each end. Its design helps to avoid the apparition of scars as it applies even pressure all around the affected area.

How to use a blackhead remover tool? How to get rid of blackheads

In theory, all you have to do is place the loop on the blackhead and apply pressure on it; the pus will get out immediately and painlessly, while at the same time scars will be avoided.

In practice it isn't much more difficult. There are, however, some steps to be followed before proceeding with the operation:

Before anything else, make sure that your face is clean. Remove any shadow of make-up and wash your face. In order for the blackheads to be removed easier, prepare a chamomile tea infusion. The infusion will relax and soften the skin, preparing it for a proper pimp removal procedure. This is an important step in learning how to use a blackhead remover tool.

Gently scrub your face. You can use natural ingredients such as wheat grains, or you can go for an over-the-counter product (it all depends on the type of skin you have an on how well you can bear chemical products). Scrubbing is an important step in blackhead removal because it opens the pores even more.

Thirdly, sterilize the area with alcohol. Even after a thorough face cleaning, there are some bacteria that can survive. If you work in a non-sterile environment, infections are prone to appear. After all, removing a blackhead means skin penetration - a small but open wound which is vulnerable to bacteria.

Now pay attention to see how to use a blackhead remover tool. Don't rush to use it as it is, though. Make sure it was sterilized in alcohol. Place the tool's loop over the blackhead and make sure the loop perfectly surrounds the blackhead. Apply even and constant pressure on the loop until you see the blackhead ceasing and an oily, yellowish substance coming out of it. Keep on pressing on the loop until nothing comes out of the zip. Immediately remove the substance with alcohol-dipped wool.

Continue like this with every blackhead that bothers you. At the end apply a bit of fresh mint juice to relieve your skin from the stress you have just put it through. It is an important advice on how to use a blackhead remover tool. Keep the mint juice for a couple of minutes, then wash it out and apply quality face cream. Allow your skin to relax.

If you follow these steps carefully you will have no problems in eliminating your blackheads. This is because now you know what to do and how to use a blackhead remover tool.

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