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Monday, August 25, 2014

Blackhead extractor

Blackhead extractor - It is in the life of a skin, three large crapougniasses that blight the landscape :
- Acne.
- Pores.
- Blackheads.
If there are no miracles, there are good tools to have a successful outcome: for proof, after several months of appropriate care, I could see a real difference, especially on my nose (I think the picture demonstrates).
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I wanted to share what I have learned about this beast that rots the lives of teenagers and young adults, and especially the methods that have helped me get rid of a lot of Blackheads.

The blackhead, what is it?

Explained simply, the blackhead is a lot of fat and dead cells that accumulate in the small pore, the "head" is black because of oxidation.

The basic method to extract blackhead :

There are things that work in stages: it's not because you have the ingredients for a recipe that you necessarily get the same lemon cake.

The pores are bowls that are a little more closed up, so, to extract what is there, there is only one solution : open holes with a hot bath.
We will open the pores - clean them - reopen them even more - extract blackheads - close them.

  1. Clean the face with a wetwet and hot towel to open the pores. 
  2. Clean the face with a gentle but effective cleanser. 
  3. Take a good steam facial.
  4. Extract the blackheads : with a breast comedo, or blackhead extractor.
  5. Wash the face with cold water. 
  6. Hydrate. 
TIPS: Do check out only what is extrayable. I mean it is useless to go after a blackhead if nothing comes, it will only worsen the problem and "scatter" bacteria.

What I do on a daily basis to prevent the appearance of blackheads :

  1. I always cleanses the face, even if I'm tired.
  2. I do not use makeup that obstructs.
  3. I use the konjac and tosowoong to exfoliate and unclog smoothly.

What I do on a regular basis to exterminate blackheads:

  1. I make masks Rasul every three days
  2. I make masks manuka honey
  3. I hydrate thoroughly with cotton masks and hydrating Avene.
  4. I do a scrub once a week (I sometimes takes honey to mix with fine sugar).

In conclusion about Blackhead :

The appearance of clearer skin comes from less dirty, so less open pores because they throw the sebum that obstructs them.
So, just three things to remember: 
  1. Make Cleanup EVERY NIGHT. 
  2. Moisturise the skin well. 
  3. Make REGULAR care.